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At the Australian National Monopoly Championships, the winner was student Tony Shaw, who says that being a nice guy in negotiations was key to his success.


From the 55 teams of 4th-8th graders competed in the North American School Scrabble Championship at Hasbro’s headquarters in Rhode Island, it was Noah Kalus of New Paltz, New York and Zach Ansell of Los Angeles, California who claimed the trophies, computers, and $10,000 prizes. They won their final game 587-331. Noah and Zach were introduced by their common coach and played together online before teaming up together for the first time at last year’s championship.

Rubik’s Cube

Powerhouse Cuber Feliks Zemdegs, on the way to winning the Canberra Autumn, broke the world record for a one-handed solve of the 3×3 cube in 6.88 seconds.