I was really excited when Kosmos reached out to me and offered to send a game to review. With the current lineup that I saw at Toy Fair, my mind was buzzing with what game they were going to send me. When I received Dimension I thought, “OK. Not what I would have chosen, but at least I haven’t played it before.”

I kind of wish I didn’t play it at all.

As a puzzle game, it’s not too bad. That’s all there is to it. It’s multiplayer solitaire, and I’m just not a fan of this type of game. Cards are drawn which dictate the rules to how your colored balls have to be placed, and you have a specific amount of time to stack them and follow the rules. Points are scored based on now well you follow the rules, and the amount of balls you use.

Overall it just felt kind of flat as a multiplayer game, though it kept my kids busy when I set out a set of cards and set them to the task by themselves.

I’ve found the game for around $30 at it’s cheapest online, and I’m not sure if its really worth that price.

A copy of Dimension was provided free for review by Kosmos.