3D-Box-Retribution-LeftLooking to field a complete 35-point army without all that collecting? The new Warmachine: Convergence: All-in-One Army Box is for you! Plunk down $129.99 and you get the following:

1 Warcaster Father Lucant
1 Inverter Heavy Vector
1 Diffuser Light Vector
1 Galvanizer Light Vector
1 Eradicators Unit (5)
1 Optifex Directive Unit (3)
1 Reductors Unit (10)
1 Transverse Enumerator Unit Attachment
2 Enigma Foundry Solos
3 Accretion Servitor Solos
Digest-sized WARMACHINE rulebook with complete core rules
Strategy cards with tactics and tips for your army

The box comes out in July, and is a limited run aimed at new players of the game. I’ve always loved the idea of all-in-one boxes, but have never actually splurged on one.