Hasbro has moved up the release date for the Magic: The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers board game. Select hobby game stores will have it for sale tomorrow! And so will Amazon.

Though other major retailers and Hasbro’s own online shop won’t be selling the game until August 1st as previously announced, a simultaneous release with Amazon is likely to be a sensitive issue with hobby retailers.

In any case, for the fans we have a couple of new images provided by Hasbro. Click them to view full-sized. Or to get a hands-on look at Arena of the Planeswalkers, stop by the Hasbro booth at San Diego Comic Con.

UPDATE: A day late but the game is now available on Amazon.

Magic The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers Game FINAL

MTG Arena of the Planeswalkers game - Planeswalkers cards