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At the Indiana 2015, Kevin Hays solved a 6×6 cube in a world record 1 minute, 33.55 seconds.

Rami Sbahi broke another world record at the Canadian Open 2015, solving a 2×2 in just 0.58 seconds.


Representatives from 19 countries gathered at the International Open Draughts Tournament in Salou, Spain, where the winner was Jan Groenendijk of the Netherlands.

Magic: The Gathering

Taking a turn at the table, Level 2 Judge Sky Mason was champion of Grand Prix Providence.

At Grand Prix Copenhagen, Przemek Knocinski of Poland secured first place with a Merfolk deck.


At the International Open in Rosario, Argentina, Claudio Murcilli topped both the open and veterans sections.

Another tournament seeing significant international participation was the FISTF Major in Bologna, Italy. There, Juan Noguera of Spain took the trophy in the open section and Massimo Cremona of Malta came in first among veterans.