Spin Master LogoSpin Master is planning to go pubic. The company has filed with Canadian authorities for a proposed initial public offering of subordinate voting shares. No pricing was yet revealed.

The company is currently held by Ronnen Harary, Anton Rabie, and Ben Varadi. Harary and Rabie founded Spin Master in 1994. Varadi, a business school classmate, joined later that year.

Spin Master’s first product was Earth Buddy, a head formed with a nylon stocking and sawdust and covered with grass seed that grew to look like hair. Since then, Spin Master has released a wide range of toy and game products, most notable among them Air Hogs and Bakugan. It’s latest hot properties include Paw Patrol and Zoomer, and the company is in the process of acquiring Cardinal Industries for US$50 million.

According to the preliminary prospectus, Spin Master’s gross sales in 2014 were US$812 million, which puts it roughly in fifth place among toy companies worldwide, behind Lego, Mattel, Hasbro, and MGA Entertainment. The prospectus quotes Euromonitor as placing Spin Master also in fifth place for market share in the U.S., after Mattel, Hasbro, Lego, and Hallmark.

Spin Master IPO Prospectus Sales and Product Lines