Coming in July from Warlord Games, Terminator: Battle for the Future is a 2 player miniatures game that pits John Connor and the Human Resistance against Skynet’s machines in a post-Judgement Day world. The miniatures can be assembled simply by pushing the pieces together. Absolutely no glue is necessary!

The game will retail for $75, and will contain the following:

  • 10 Terminator Endoskeletons
  • 5 Terminator Crawlers
  • 16 Resistance Soldiers
  • 2 Punchboards
  • Assorted measuring templates, scenery, tokens and other gaming aids
  • 1 Full-color double-sided 2’ x 3’ gaming mat
  • 1 Full-color double-sided rules reference sheet
  • 13 color-coded dice (2 sets of D4, D6, D10, D12, D20)
  • 1 custom made metal-color Fate Die
  • Rules

I’m a big Terminator fan, tough I refuse to believe anything exists after Terminator 2. This game, however, looks to have the right look and feel to it. I’ve got high hopes, and hope it turns out to be a winner.