GhostelTinkerbot Games offers to put you in their next game, Ghostel, in preparation for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. “We have the budget to have 5 cards illustrated before we launch the Kickstarter campaign,” writes Gino Brancazio. The three people behind Tinkerbot have taken up some of those spaces, but they would like to have two more people jump in before the campaign starts. “It’ll be a good way for us to showcase how the process looks from photo-to-cartoon.” Once the campaign begins, backers will have an opportunity to choose a funding level that adds them to the game.

Ghostel is a light-hearted 2-4 player game where a haunted manor — haunted by the players’ ghosts — is reopened and turned into a hotel. The living (which might have your likeness) come in and it’s up to you to scare them off.

Tinkerbot requests two photos, one with a “normal” and one with a “scared” expression. “Look really scared, make it silly and get us giggling!” They request photo submissions to be in by July 10th. More details at Tinkerbot Game’s “Get Your Face In Ghostel” page.