Trap CCG

Hot on the heels of IDW’s imminent launch of Chew: The Card Game, the company is working on the summer release of Trap!, a deductive dice-rolling card game from the creator of Killer Bunnies.

Details are scant, but the game comes in two sets, the Nimble Ninjas pack and the Zany Zombies pack. Decks are stand-alone, but can also be combined with each other.

From the company’s description:

In Trap! you’re trying to ensnare the biggest sets of creatures over the course of five rounds.”

Each game includes:

  • 6 character cards
  • 7 action cars’12 Trap! cards
  • 1 exclusive link and lock card
  • 1 trap! canvas bag
  • 1 six-sided die
  • 1 rulebook

Trap! supports two to four players ages 10 and up. Gameplay takes about 30 minutes. The new CCG is set to ship this July and packs will cost $5.99 each.