ElfenroadsRio Grande Games is preparing for an upcoming release of a revised version of Alan Moon’s Elfenroads, which combines Elfenland with its expansions, Elfengold and Elfensea. This is not a new edition of the 1993 White Wind game, but a single game based on the above listed titles.

Players take on the roll as elf girls and boys on that must race against each other across distant lands to prove they are ready to become grownups. Players must make the best use of available transportation, like boats, unicorns, and dragons, to get to each location.

The Elfengold portion of the game provides gold coins, which players use to bid for Travel Counters. It also adds Gold Value Tokens, which increases a player’s score for visiting towns. There are also two different magic spells, two additional round cards to extend the game to six rounds, and new obstacles. The Elfensea portion adds a different map and new transportation restrictions.

Elfenroads supports two to six players ages 13 and up. Gameplay takes between 45 and 90 minutes. There is no official word on the release date for the game, but it will retail for $70.