Each of these wizard-warriors had been gifted with but a fraction of the true power that blessed them, and that power now desired unification… Now is the time of the Collection of Ashes, when Phoenixborn must battle Phoenixborn until only one remains to inherit a newborn world.

Cards, dice and spells – if you love these elements, you might well be interested in Plaid Hat Games’ upcoming release Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. With its design by Dead of Winter‘s Issac Vega and artwork by Fernanda Suarez, it is an expandable fantasy card game that uses dice as the major spending resource. Each player represents a Phoenixborn with his or her unique dice pool and pre-built deck of spells and units. For those who love deck building or drafting, specific set-up rules are also available.

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn plays 2 to 4 players in 30 – 120 minutes. Players who pre-order it on Plaid Hat Games official site can enjoy a special price of $34.95 (which is a $15 off the original price) and receive a special Phoenixborn promo card set. The game is expected to be available in one to two months.