Fleet WharfsideIf you have your own 3-D printer, you have probably already created a number of different board game pieces. It just makes sense. However, you don’t have to invest in such expensive equipment to enjoy creating your own expandable game. With NecroVirus, using BoardCraft technology, you can customize your 2-D or 3-D game using the provided PNG files and certified assets. No printer? No problem. You can also invest in the complete box set with options for modifications in the future.

Fans of the Savage Worlds role-playing game can pledge their love by pledging their money to a new high-fantasy campaign called Enascentia. In this world, no one is born. They simply exist. As a player, you come to the game with no memory of your pasts or who you are, but have a vast knowledge of skills. You can choose to follow your destiny, or create a different path for yourself.

NecroVirusMatt Riddle and Ben Pinchback, creators of the Fleet card game series are looking for crowdfunding for the third installment of their water bound adventure. After your crew has made a name for themselves in Ridback Bay and then went on to expand their fishing options in the Arctic Bounty, it is now time to find out what these seafarers do on land. Fleet Wharfside is a stand-alone card game where players must make smart deals with fish merchants in order to end up with the best contracts in the fleet.

Res Publica, Reiner Knizia’s game of power and technology is getting an update for the 23rd century. Res Publica 2230AD takes place in a future world where races have populated various planets across the Universe. Trade relations get a bit more complicated when you bring races from other worlds into the picture. Will you be able to grow your settlement strong enough to invest in a Space Station?

StormweaversNothing is more fun on a stormy day than playing board games with friends and family. If there isn’t a storm brewing, why not make one yourself in Stormweavers. In this game, players collect spell cards and craft items in an attempt to take down their opponents with the strength of the elements. Only the most powerful nature manipulator cans survive the battle against The Tempest.