Warhammer Quest Card GameThe Warhammer community is getting a fun new adaptation of a dungeon adventure set in the Old World. You don’t have to pull out your minis or set aside an entire corner of your living room for this game. This version of Warhammer Quest, just announced by Fantasy Flight, is a stand-alone card game.

In this cooperative style dungeon crawl game, up to four players become heroic warriors and head deep into the dark recesses of Schompf’s underbelly. You’ll fight against ghouls, Skaven, goblins, giant spiders and swarms of rats.

You can play as a Bright Wizard, a Waywatcher, an Ironbreaker, or a Warrior Priest. Each, of course, has special abilities that will help get the adventuring party to the center of the dark lair.

Players explore the dungeons of Schompf by tunneling through caverns and exploring the underground city. Find the dark lair by advancing though the location deck. Exploring the tunnels will not be easy. Every time you reach a new location, new dangers are drawn at random from the quest’s enemy deck.

From the game’s description, it is likely that Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game will be nearly identical to the Lord of the Rings Card Game by Fantasy flight, at least in game mechanics.

The game is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2015. There is no official information at this time about the pricing. However, it will probably be prices similar to the base LOTR Card game, which retails for $40.