Leaked images of the Star Wars Episode VII starter set for Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing game appeared on Reddit’s XWingTMG subreddit earlier today. Images featuring the three ships included in the base game (from the Resistance and the First Order) and quite possibly the opening crawl from the upcoming movie.

“Some people are wondering about what’s going on with [Star Wars: The Force Awakens] and what’s going on with that is I can’t tell you anything about it,” Christian Petersen, CEO of Fantasy Flight Games, joked at the Inflight Report at Gen Con 2015. “The secrecy and the level of death imposed upon me, if I tell you anything about [Episode VII] is enormous.” While he was speaking at the end of July, finished product was being shipped to the FFG warehouse. Reportedly, forum threads at FFG’s site that point to the leaked images are being deleted almost as soon as they are created.

Ship cards indicate that the “Blue Ace” T-70 X-Wing has a 1 Hard Turn Boost ability built in, plus a slightly better base statline (3/2/3/3), and a 3-green straight. The First Order TIE has four actions on its bar: Evade, Barrel Roll, Target Lock, and Focus.