Geek Chic XPWe’ve mentioned Geek Chic XP — the exclusive gamer event run by custom gaming furniture company Geek Chic — before at Purple Pawn, and now they’re crowdfunding the project for 2016. The event, effectively a satellite convention, is “a premium nomadic social club for geeks” with games on the company’s tables, panels and events for members, catered meals, and geek excursions to local attractions. Joining the Geek Chic XP experience can be as low as $100, with full membership at $500.

I playtested Draco Magi quite some time ago. The game changed radically since then and the creator, Robert Burke, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help create an expansion for the game. In this two-player game, you’re a wizard — a Draco Magi — that commands dragons, battling to be the Dragon King. The expansion adds on more dragon and battlefield cards. Don’t have the base game? Of course there are backer levels that get you that plus the expansion!

cloud dungeonWhoa. It’s a papercraft dungeon crawl adventure! AndHeDrew Games has nearly completed development of The Cloud Dungeon, a DIY adventure game involving paper crafting, coloring, and tearing up and taping bits together. It looks like fantastic fun for the whole family. Create your character, color and customize him or her. Take a look at that character to the right! $15 gets you the physical book and two character packs, $3 gets you just the print and play edition.

Will Hindmarch is a writer and tabletop RPG developer. Over at his Patreon, Will is seeking people to back his writings, game adventures, and the new Game Design podcast (with Nathan Paoletta). “I’d write more essays like those in my series, No Clues Without Consequence, if I had the time,” he says. Patreon will help make those other projects a reality.

One last thing about crowdfunding campaigns that isn’t an actual crowdfunding campaign! Marian Call recently wrote an essay breaking down where money goes and how to manage it, called “Kickstarter Math is Weird“. If you’re running a Kickstarter campaign (or just want a peek at what goes on with your $5 pledge), I strongly recommend checking it out.