Do you hate when you’re playing a game and the loose bits get knocked all over the place? Tired of using bowls, Tupperware, or whatever else is laying around to try and keep all those bits organized? BitCrates are here to solve all your bitly woes.

BitCrates are small containers made of brushed aluminum and hardwood Walnut. They’re easy to pickup, stack, line up, and hold all your board game bits. They’re gorgeous, and extremely solid. I received a nice wooden box that contained 8 BitCrates to put through their paces, and I can’t image playing certain games without them now. Ticket to Ride is a great example. Each player can keep all their trains in a BitCrate, which makes it much easier than keeping them in a pile on the table, or trying to pick them out of the plastic bags while playing. You may have also noticed BitCrates in my review of High Heavens. They’re perfect for holding all the plastic rings needed during the game.

The best part? They’re a gaming luxury that doesn’t cost a fortune. Pledging $35 to their Kickstarter project, which is already funded, will get you 4 BitCrates without a case. $60 will get you 4 BitCrates and a case. $90 will get you 8 BitCrates and a case, and is the set I have and I highly recommend.

c38b284b258632aea7ada6787c10e746_originalSure, you can store your bits in cups, plastic containers, bowls, or whatever you have laying around. They’re not going to look/feel half as nice as a set of BitCrates. These are gaming accessories built to be functional, impress, and last. I doubt I’ll be playing at bit-heavy game without mine ever again.

You may want to hop on these quickly, though. There’s just 6 days left on the project. Like I said earlier, they’re already funded, so you’re  guaranteed to get some if you pledge enough.

A set of 8 BitCrates in a wooden case was provided free for preview.