Mongoose Traveller Core RulebookMongoose Publishing is prepping a new edition of Traveller. The company expects to release the game in March 2016 but has already posted online a beta version for the public to playtest. While the playtest document is not free—the PDF is $20 from DriveThruRPG—those diving in now will be able to credit its cost toward the purchase of the final Core Rulebook.

With this new version, Mongoose promises “all the bells and whistles” in terms of graphics and presentation, compared to the previous release’s “minimalist approach”. The company notes in particular isometric deck-plans and “equipment pages that look as though they come straight from a space-based mail order catalogue”.

The same essential classic-Traveller-based rule system will continue. However, here too Mongoose promises refinements, including revisions to task resolution, skills, combat, character creation, and ship design.

Keeping with the theme of refinements, Mongoose is working simultaneously on the Core Rulebook, High Guard, Central Supply Catalogue, Vehicle Handbook, and Traveller Companion. This approach the company hopes will improve consistency.

Those supplements will be released in hardback, one per month immediately following the Core Rulebook. After that, the publication of additional materials will be more spread out as Mongoose looks to put more focus on quality.