Hitting shelves on November 4th, Pokémon TCG: XY BREAKthrough is a new 160 card set including: 8 new Pokémon-EX, 4 new Mega Evolution Pokémon, and 6 new Pokémon BREAK cards.

BREAK cards are a new evolution mechanic, allowing Pokémon to get a HP boosts and new actions/abilities, but still allowing them to keep their previous attacks. These new cards are landscape format with unique art and a foil treatment.

BREAKthrough will be available in 10 card booster packs, and 2 Theme Decks: Burning Spark and Night Striker. So far there’s no word of an Elite Trainer Box for the set.

I’m excited to test out the new mechanic, and a new layer of depth to a game my whole family enjoys.