Star Wars Galactic ConnexionsStar Wars Galactic Connexions is a new collectible game from Topps retailing exclusively at Walmart. The game consists of hexagonal “discs”, each depicting one of 75 different Star Wars characters.

Collectibility is enhanced by a variety of decorative styles in several rarity tiers. Common discs are grey, uncommon discs are black, and rare discs are clear, but discs of all three may appear in standard, foil, or pattern-foil variations. There are also seven types of ulra-rare discs, including translucent lightsaber red and metallic C-3PO gold.

Gameplay is a matter of placing pieces so that the number of hash marks along each edge of a piece being played is greater than the number of hash marks on all adjacent edges. The total number of hash marks on both sides is the score earned that round. Bonus points are available for relaying how the characters are connected within the Star Wars story line.

Star Wars Galactic Connexions is available in a Starter Deck with 14 discs, including one ultra-rare, for $10 and in five-disc booster packs, which Walmart online is selling in a bundle of five (that’s 25 total discs) for $20.

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