CastleCombatTheGauntletIssue16OctoberThe latest Castle Combat newsletter, The Gauntlet, recently went out with news of new cards, a new tournament format, and new starter decks.

The new cards for the month are:

Onion – An orange Wizard
Woeden – An orange Kobald king
Ikkabod the Odd – An orange, pumpkin-headed creep.
Preceval the Pure – A purple level 6 Good Dragon.
Grendel the Great – A blue Dragon Lord back for a limited time

The new tournament format, 4-2-6, will be hitting play soon. Decks can be 12 cards, with a 4 Legends max, 2 Rare max, and 6 Common minimum structure. New starter decks with the 4-2-6 format will be on sale soon from KidRealm.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the latest Gauntlet is an updated will be included in the new starter sets, and the cards themselves have been cleaned up, getting rid of the pixelated look of the previous sets. The new cards are much cleaner, and more professional looking.