patreon logoIt’s an all-Patreon episode of Crowdfunding Highlights! This week we’re looking at four gaming-related projects that you can back on a monthly subscription basis at a rate you choose. (Patreon lets you cap monthly payments to keep your budget happy.) As patrons sign up, funding levels hit milestones which might unlock additional goodies. Like other crowdfunding sites, projects might have tiers to unlock bonus material for backers.

Like beer and boardgames? So do Aaron and Matt of Blame Society Films. They drink beer with their friends, play board games, and record it for your entertainment. Games played range from the current hotness in party games to to obscure games that nobody really wants to play, like Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good Sex, Pretty Pretty Princess, or Party Mania (with VHS tape). It’s goofy fun with adult beverages that you can provide! Milestones for this project include better beer. Beer & Boardgames on Patreon.


Every Thursday evening at 9 PM Eastern, Liz Bauman organizes and hosts #RPGchat over on Twitter. The weekly hour-long chat is a guided discussion using the #RPGchat hashtag. By supporting Liz in this Patreon project, she’ll be able to have dedicated time to curate content and develop topics for the hour, and feature industry guests and co-hosts in the project. More information is at

If you like Johnn Four’s Roleplaying Tips newsletter, he’s opened up the ability to let readers support him via Patreon. The fifteen-year old email newsletter is free, but he’s moved to crowdfunding for the fans who want to support the newsletter. (And, as a bonus, patrons giving at least $5 a month get a monthly PDF compilation of the 4-5 tips newsletters.)


cardboard edison

Over at Cardboard Edison, Chris and Suzanne Zinsli have been working on aggregating news and information about the game design world for the past three years. In addition to reviewing hundreds of websites, dozens of podcasts, and tons of social media, the couple has developed several industry report infographics and held interviews about design with Chris Kirkman, Matt Leacock, Daniel Solis, and more. They’re looking for patrons to help them aggregate game design news.