Ancient Chinese 14 Sided Die

A 14-sided die and game pieces were found by archaeologists in a 2,300 year-old Chinese tomb. According to an article in the journal, Chinese Cultural Relics, the pieces are believed to be for the board game, Bo (also known as Liubo), which has not been played in 1,500 years and for which the rules are long forgotten.

The die found is carved from animal-tooth and inscribed with the numbers 1-6 twice. Two additional faces of the die are blank. Along with the die were found 21 numbered tokens and a broken tile that comprised part of the board. [Images of additional game pieces can be viewed at Live Science.]

The tomb structure in which these game pieces were discovered served as a burial place for aristocrats from the ancient state of Qi. Over the years, it has been extensively looted. Archaeologists have identified 26 different shafts dug in to the tomb. One contained a curled-up skeleton, possibly one of the grave robbers.