It seems some references to a board game and RPG in Fallout 4 have made their way around the internet, each causing a bit of buzz and speculation.

Fo4_Blast_Radius_trailerFirst seen in the Fallout 4 trailer, Blast Radius, a nuclear board game is seen. In-game the box can be picked up an contains a bit of nuclear material. A tweet on Patrick Nickell’s Twitter account about finding the game was met with the comment:  “Someone will Kickstart that game IRL in 3….2….” I’d back that, no matter how terrible the game actually was. Of course, including an actual piece of nuclear material probably wouldn’t pass Kickstarter’s guidelines.

CTp0gaqUsAA24u4Of course what better way to escape the horrors of an atomic wasteland than with a bit of roleplay? Larry Frum posted a screenshot of a little RPG action going on between Scientists via email, tagging @Wizards_DND in the tweet. With those numbers being considered “Damn, lousy rolls,” my guess is they’re not playing Dungeons and Dragons. Either that, or the die rolls needed for D&D in 2087 are insane. Damn mutant monsters.

The Fallout series is known for easter eggs and it’s sense of humor, and seeing little things like this in the game always bring smile to my face.