Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesThe Collector’s Trove is auctioning off the game collection of former TSR employee, Allen Hammack.

A basalt board for the traditional Hawaiian game of Konane is up for auction at Bonhams with an estimated price of $4,000-6,000.

Board games are on-sale at Toys “R” Us.

Sahm Reviews is launching a new giveaway every day for 44 days. The first two are Trivial Pursuit: Marvel Cinematic Universe from USAopoly and Roll for It! from Calliope Games. Check the website for the rest.

Amazon’s running two game sales, one with 20% off party games, the other buy-four-get-one-free from a limited selection.

Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s Thanksgiving Sale features discounts of 20-25% on select items.

Bundle of Holding is reviving an earlier deal for games that revive earlier games. It’s the Old School Revival Revived. The $5 starter collection includes, among other games, Swords & Wizardry. The bonus collection adds Adventurer Conqueror King, Vornheim, and more. Bundle of Holding also has a new deal for games that revive old games. This one’s called Old School Revival +3 and includes in the $6 starter collection Slumbering Stars and Gnomes of Levnec. The bonus collection adds Owl Hoot Trail and others.

Users of Games Workshop’s website who share their wish list via social media are entered in to a sweepstakes for one of 10 gift vouchers worth £100/$165.

Orders through December 14th of $10 or more from Steve Jackson Games’ Warehouse 23 will get a free emerald-like green d6 made special for Munchkin Oz.

Through the holiday season, Dan Verssen Games will throw in a surprise game or expansion gift with all boxed game orders.

Is there a price war developing between online retailers Miniature Market and Cool Stuff Inc.?

The Celebrity Cafe is giving away a package of five Disney, Good Dinosaur, and Star Wars games from Wonder Forge.

Game Salute is giving away a copy of Inhabit The Earth.

Orchard Toys of the UK will include a free copy of the game Animal Snap with every order. The company is also offering free delivery with orders over £20.

Tell R&R Games what you’re thankful for and maybe they’ll send you five party games.

BoardGameGiveaways is giving away Android Netrunner from Fantasy Flight Games.

Influence Central is giving away three Hasrbo Star Wars games: Star Wars Catchphrase, R2-D2 Bop It, and Loopin’ Chewie.

In celebration of the company’s eighth birthday, orders from The Army Painter of more than €40/$50 get free cans of black and white spray primer and free shipping.

Eagle-Gryphon Games’ Steam Sale includes Age of Steam for 35% off, Railways of the World for 45% off, and even bigger discounts on expansions.

EverythingBoardGames is giving away Bullfrogs and expansion from Thunderworks Games.

Serenity You is giving away Shopping List from Orchard Toys (UK only).

Chronically Content and co-hosts are giving away four copies of the Karma card game from Set Enterprises.