Tired of adding 1 to your d4 roll to find out how much damage your wizard’s Magic Missile spell? Well, Andy “Cosmo-Joe” Watkins has your solution: a set of four-sided dice, numbered 2 to 5. Let me just stop you there with the snarky comment — these Magic Missile Dice actually quite clever. In fact, this is Andy’s second kickstarter campaign for his 1d4+1 dice. They made enough for their backers, plus more, and sold out of them at day one at Gen Con 2015. This run will be manufactured by Q-Workshop, and they’ve already unlocked three die colors. Get five dice with your $20 pledge.

winterdale Winterdale: Medieval Fantasy Citadel Collection is yet another printable miniature scenery project yawn let’s move on to WAIT A MINUTE. This isn’t any papercraft miniature set, it’s a 3D Printer scenery set. It’s a modular system, too, so dang, that’s awesome! The designer just needs $500 NZD to fund the project and he’s nearly quadrupled that goal on day one. Pledge just $10 USD and you get the modular cottage files (see the image to the right). About $27 USD gets you those files plus a tower and trees. Another level at around $44, but if you’re thinking about getting any of it, you might as well just go for around $50 USD to get the whole dang town’s files.

Evil Hat Productions invites you to join their Patreon where they are creating adventures and game settings for the Fate roleplaying game. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I wanted to bring it up again because they’ve just released House of Bards, a “political thriller set in a fantasy land” that is full of social engineering and political shenanigans. House of Bards is really good and it is currently available at DriveThruRPG. (And if you don’t play Fate, there’s some neat stuff in there to extract to other political drama.

one dollarLet’s keep the roleplaying theme going with a crazy idea from jim pinto, who wants you to give him a dollar and you’ll get some sort of roleplaying game thing. The $1 Mystery Roleplaying Game Kickstarter Project a/k/a The $1 Play What You Want Mystery Campaign RPG Project is you give jim a dollar (or more) and you get a PDF copy (or sofcover at $50 or hardcover at $100) of whatever game he makes. Each backer gets to nominate a title. Each backer votes on the titles. jim makes that game. The game will be at least 98 pages long and if the project gets just over $100 more in backing tomorrow (it’s around $3500 in pledges right now), the game book goes to 126 pages. Crazy.

What the heck, let’s round this out with some cool dice. Videogiochi Esse, a group of artisans, is making some cool cool cool six-sided dice from various types of marble or lava. Pricing is in Euro, but about $11 gets you a lava die, $18 gets you a stone die, and about $20 gets you a die set up as a charm that can be used for jewelry. Have about $200? Get a set of all 12 stones. They’ve already passed their goal, so this one is going to be funded.