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Smart Play Games’ print-and-play card games, including Koi Pond, Monsoon Market, and Trickster Fantasy, are 25-33% off.

Save 30% on everything Golem Arcana with coupon code “Holiday30”.

Complete Minion Games’ survey for a chance to win $50.

Calliope Games is running a coloring contest. Separate entries may be made by coloring each page of the company’s Christmas coloring book. Calliope will judge the entries and select one winner in each of three age groups to receive a copy of the card game, 12 Days.

TimetoPlay Magazine is giving away seven copies of Pictionary through a game of Pictionary played via the website.

Emily Reviews is giving away two games from Wonder Forge, Imagicademy Storymation and Peanuts Flying Ace.

Educational Insights games and toys are 30% off at Kohl’s. Many games from other companies are also discounted.

Deposits placed with Geek Chic by the end of the month qualify for a free gift (dice tower, deck carrier, or other item).

Orchard Toys of the U.K. will include a free Animal Snap game with every order.

Fate Core, Atomic Robo, Sails Full of Stars, and other Fate-based games are all part of Bundle of Holding’s Bundle of Fate +3. Available through Indie Cornucopia +3 are Starfall, Nefertiti Overdrive, and more.

Everything Board Games is giving away Viceroy from Mayday Games.

Rambles of Sahm is giving away Star Wars Pictopia from Wonder Forge.

Heck of a Bunch is giving away the Accentuate card game.

Simply Stacie is giving away The Good Dinosaur Roarin’ River from Wonder Forge.