Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesTheology of Games is giving away a new board game every day, December 14-25. Registration for the giveaway, though, is open now and closes on the 18th.

USAopoly is also doing a daily giveaway but it ends on the 14th.

Sahm Reviews’ daily giveaway of family games runs 44 days, of which, unfortunately, only about 17 are left.

Another daily, from BoardGameGiveaway, runs until the 18th with all Star Wars games.

For the first of its 10 daily giveaways, Bananagrams asks what’s your favorite thing about your home state. The prize is a selection of games and other products from the company’s home state, Rhode Island.

Buy one Hasbro game from Amazon and get a second one 50% off.

Gamewright’s annual Warehouse Sale is Thursday and Friday, the 10th and 11th. Visitors to the Newton, Massachusetts location will find games and puzzles up to 70% off retail prices.

Games Quest of the UK is giving away £200 of Star Wars games and toys, including Star Wars Carcassonne, Imperial Assault, and X-Wing Miniatures Game.

Available now at Bundle of Holding are two deals. One features Ubiquity-based roleplaying games, including Hollow Earth Expedition and Leagues of Adventure. The other, Worldbuilder’s Toolkit +3, is for books of gamemastering advice.

A new option in the Osprey Publishing web store allows customers to bundle print and PDF versions of the same product at a discount from purchasing them separately.

Giant Jumbling Towers (similar to a giant Jenga) is 38% off ($50) at, in-stores too.

Sign up for Target’s Cartwheel mobile coupon app for discounts of 30% on Machi Koro, Munchkin Oz, King of Tokyo, and more.

Through December 18th, Steve Jackson Games’ Warehouse 23 has reduced the minimum order to qualify for free shipping from $100 to $65. Also, with any purchases of the Munchkin messenger bag ($75), the company will fill it with $30 of extra swag.

Order four CD-ROMs from Far Future Enterprises (Traveller and other former GDW games) and the company will rebate one. Orders made before the end of the year will also receive a free pair of Traveller dice.

Gypsy Knight Games has bundled all the Traveller products it’s released in 2015 and is offering them at a 30% discount through the end of the year.