Back in September I did a review on Dragon Dice, specifically the new Starter Set. The set I had wasn’t the final product, just some dice from what the new set would include. I’ve now got a production copy the set in my hands, and can offer some more insight on what you’re actually getting for your $39.95.

This is the largest Starter Set SFR has released yet. Inside you’ll get: 28 six-sided unit dice, 4 ten-sided monster dice; 4 eight-sided terrain dice; 4 twelve-sided dragon dice, 2 paper playing mats, and an updated rulebook. The amount of dice you get is enough to field two 30 point armies, which is substantial in the world of Dragon Dice. While having the extra dice is great, where Starter Set really shines is the player mats and updated rulebook (which you can check out here.)

The new rulebook is both written well and laid out well. It makes the game much easier to jump into for new players. The player mats, pretty much a necessity when playing Dragon Dice, are also a great help when getting started. These two items make the Starter Set really feel like a good jumping off point for those interested in learning to play the game, and really add value to the set.

SFR is also selling fabric player mats with a rubber backing for $20 if you’re looking to upgrade from paper.

I couldn’t recommend the 2-player Starter more. You can snag one here for $39.95.

A copy of the Dragon Dice 2-player Starter was provided free for review.