Have you thought your favorite game would be better with wooden components instead of plastic or punchboard tokens? Meeple Source has launched their second kickstarter to produce newer pieces to their growing range of game upgrades. Hearts for Love Letter, animals for Agricola, character pieces for Imperial Settlers, and more, with reward levels starting at $4 with most items available as add-ons to your pledge.


Gamelyn Games returns with the fourth Tiny Epic game, Tiny Epic Western, which looks incredible. Combining poker, worker placement, and gun fights (not actual guns), this entry into the Tiny Epic series looks incredible: Bullet-shaped dice! A cool small-deck of poker cards (20 cards, ranked 1-5)! Plays down to two players in roughly 30 minutes! Tons of stretch goals that include upgraded components already met! Get it for as little as an $18 pledge (plus shipping).

Build and battle ‘bots with Beep Boop, the robot-buliding and battling card game. Construct your robot and sabotage your opponents in this kid-friendly game from Akimbo Games. (I really like the flat art style of the robot parts.) Beep Boop is for a group of 4 or fewer players looking for a quick game, and is available as part of the $13 pledge reward.

Arcknight has clear plastic “spell effect” template overlays for RPGs that use miniatures. The company has previously kickstarted a clear gridlines map sheets to turn any image into a 1″ gridded map and, most famously, the Flat Plastic Miniatures kickstarter. Groups of spell effects start at $30.


Biergarten is a card game where you create…a Biergarten. Cards have colored symbols on all four edges — match up the symbols, align different cards, and create the largest and greatest place to hold your Oktoberfest celebration. It’s a tricky puzzle of a game that plays in about twenty minutes. $15 gets you a copy of the game. (Look at that artwork! Nice!)