stevejacksongamesSteve Jackson Games issued its annual Report to the Stakeholders, written by company CEO Phil Reed. The report provides a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s plans for the coming year and an assessment of the previous year’s activity. As with last year’s report, the top twenty products ranked by sales are cominated by Munchkin. Of those, only three were not part of that product line: Zombie Dice, Illuminati, and Car Wars Classic. The next twenty items included seventeen Munchkin products.

For sales, the company brought in $6.6 million, down from $8.5 million in 2014. This decline in revenue was expected, writes Reed. With Munchkin and other lines being released in mass market stores like Target, Walmart, and Toys ‘R’ Us, “there’s a significant spike at the start of the process – a chain taking in a minimum of one case per store for 1,500 stores is a nice sales bump all at once! After that initial ‘product set,’ sales become a flow that maintains stock supplies.” With no new markets to enter, the initial bump wasn’t there.

A release window for the new version of Car Wars was also announced. Hoping for a release to distributors by November 25th, the company is pushing for the game to go to print in early July.