It’s time for more Yu-Gi-Oh! releases! February will see 3 new products hit the shelves.

February 12 – Wing Raiders and Chibi Card Sleeves

A special booster set with brand-new Xyz cards. New monster themes: spectral Phantom Knights and the Super Quantum mecha pilots. The 60 card set comes in 9-card boosters for $3.99 each.

Also on the 12th, Chibi Card Sleeves! These are tournament-legal sleeves feature the a super-deformed Yugi. 50 sleeves for $3.99.

February 26 – Breakers of Shadow Special Edition

Breakers of Shadow Special Edition boxes come with 3 boosters, one of two Super Rare preview cards from the upcoming Shining Victories booster set plus one of two Super Rare Cards – either Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon or Number 23: Lancelot, Dark Knight of the Underworld. These will be $9.99 per box.