Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesThe Dukes of Dice is giving away a Meeple Realty game insert.

Insert Here is giving away Viticulture and Tuscany from Stonemaeier Games.

BoardGameGiveaway is doing you-know-what with:

Chess lessons are available, depending on the bundle, for up to 83% off from Polgar Chess University.

ETA hand2mind is giving away three separate prize packages of VersaTiles, the company’s manipulative learning system.

The Board Game Family is giving away once copy of Dice City from AEG.

In just a few hours, NSKN Games is giving away In the Name of Odin.

Mayday Games is giving away a copy of AssassinCon.

There’s a Shadows of Esteren deal at Bundle of Holding that’s supposed to include everything needed for a complete campaign. Also a Castles & Crusades deal with plenty of good stuff for a new old school game.

The Herald Sun newspaper in Australia is giving away Top Trumps card games. Present a token from the paper to participating agents on two weekends in March and get packs of up to four different games.

For free shipping on Disney Princess games from HasbroToyShop, use promo code “FSDISNEY”.

Casual Game Revolution is giving away a Big Box O’ Strategy Games.

Gaming At Home is running one giveaway for four separate games. That is, there’ll be four separate winners, one each for Planes, Lost Legacy: Starship, Wild Fun West, and Strozzi.

Glory Houndd is giving away an Ian McGinty Munchkin Guest Artist Edition.