Mind Research Institute Game a ThonMayday Games is running a game design contest at Geekway to the West, a game convention taking place May 19-22 in St. Louis. The company is looking for “dexterity and family-friendly light strategy games.” Entries must be submitted in advance (rule books and videos required by March 15th) but the judging between four finalists will take place live. Submitted games are expected to have been thoroughly playtested. Prizes for the winner will be $200, prototyping supplies, and the “possibility of being published by Mayday Games.”

MIND Research Institute’s 2016 K-12 Game-a-thon for students is intended to cultivate a “life-long love of math.” Games should “feature creative and unusual solutions to mathematical problems” and can be board games, card games, apps, or outdoor games. Submissions must include a video demo and are due by July 1st.