The Unknown Armies RPG kickstarter drags the classic urban occult game kicking and screaming into modernity and is already funded. (Disclamer: I’m doing the layout on the books.) The roleplaying game will be delivered in three hardcover books with a wraparound GM screen that doubles as a slipcase for the set. The project has already funded and there are three days left in the campaign. Get digital versions of all three books for $30, physical+PDF+epub books at $99.

takTak is a two-player strategy game from Patrick Rothfuss’ novel The Wise Man’s Fear, part of the Kingkiller Chronicles. In the book series, the game “is supposed to be my world’s version of Chess or Go or Mancala,” Rothfuss writes. James Ernest of Cheapass Games went off an developed a playable version of Tak, and “it was amazing.… It’s more elegant than chess. It’s more enjoyable than Go.” If you like scalable abstract strategy games, you can get a copy of Tak for as little as a $25 pledge.

Looking for whimsical artwork for your adventure or fantasy roleplaying game? Justin Nichol is currently funding Horde of Cuteness on IndieGoGo. His goal is to create a large enough art collect to illustrate a card game with this campaign, but he’s releasing the artwork in this campaign for free use. Check it out at his IndieGoGo page.

Evil Hat Productions is publishing The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game, where you take on Harry Dresden’s cases with a variety of heroic protagonists. A $10 pledge grants you access to digital preview of the game with $39 getting you a copy. Shipping is interesting in this campaign: the more money raised, the cheaper shipping becomes. Currently, shipping to the UK is $15, but as the campaign continues to grow, that could drop to as low as $5.


not cahThis week in Marketplace Confusion/Parody/Coattail Riding, our spotlight is on Diabolical Kittens, a game that is presented a lot like Exploding Kittens, except without the art and name recognition of The Oatmeal. $30 gets you one copy of the game. $60 gets you one copy of the game and a 36-card “booster” if the $15,000 stretch goal is reached. You can do the math on that one.

Q: Did last week’s Cards Against Humanity-knockoffs succeed? A: Oh, you sweet child, no. Deck A Celebrity wound up at $2,502 of $15k and Cards Against Technology Trademark Symbol only got $429 of their $1,500 goal. And that was Canadian dollars, too.