I know we usually do nice Crowdfunding Highlights, but this is a project that I’m overly excited about. I’m sure many Souls fans out there are too, seeing as the game is already a good amount past its funding goal.

Finally we have some details about the game, and I’m really digging the “fast setup, long reveal” that adds a level of exploration and tension to the game. Everything is looking really great, and I’m really looking forward to how much of the extras are unlocked. I’m hoping most, and it’s looking like that may be the case.

There’s only two pledge levels for the campaign: one for consumers, and one for retailers. They’re currently priced at around $113 and $283 respectively. With the game being funded already, you’re guaranteeing yourself a copy of the game. Also, you’ll get every last goodie that’s unlocked with either level, so the more the game makes the more you’re going to get.