SJG1533EDIT 4/13/16 – 9:23am – It has come to my attention (see comments section below) that these AREN’T just blank cards. They’re cards with rules, and with a blank space for an illustration. SJG does still have completely blank cards for sale if you’re looking for some.

“Let’s charge people $20 for them to make their own Munchkin game!”

I can’t imagine the thought process for Munchkin: Sketch Edition going any other way. This is a deck of blank Munchkin cards for you to draw, write your own stuff, and play…and it costs $20.

Really, though? I can’t say my kids wouldn’t eat this up in a second, as they already use any bit of paper and cardboard to try and make their own cards. I can also imagine this would be really attractive to those who frequent conventions. Why not have someone famous make you a Munchkin card?

OK…maybe I do need a set before I hit Connecticon this year. It’s a shame this won’t be out before I hit PAX East next weekend.

Leave it to me to convince myself this might actually be a good product before finishing this article.