Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.The Legend of Vyas is a new CCG by Vansh Games that depicts the Indian epic, The Mahabharata. Of course you don’t need to be familiar with the story to enjoy the game, which my son and I really did.

First off let me just say the presentation of the game is amazing. The box is beautiful, with a minimalist design and a custom cut foam insert for the dice, cards, and box of counters. In the set you get 2 fully-playable decks, 3 stick dice, and a small cardboard box of counters to track damage and such. It’s all laid out beautifully, and really gives a great first impression for the game. The cards are durable, and feel amazing. They’re a step up in stock than your standard CCG cards. Thicker, with a heavier feel. The dice are both unique, and well made, and the counters are a solid cardboard with a nice finish.


The game itself follows through on the physical quality of the components. Each player fields warriors, an advisor, a hero, and a formation card. The formation card actually dictates how many warriors are on the field, and how they’re arranged. This actually has a lot to do with gameplay, as your troops in the front protect rear ranks, and your hero and advisor. Turns are simple. Roll the 3 dice to see how much energy you have to work with that turn, cast spells, field warriors, or equip your hero, then attack your opponent’s ranks. Each warrior has an attack value and health value. There’s no defending. You attack, it does damage plus/minus modifiers, and that’s that. Games are quick, brutal, and require you to always make sure you have a backup plan.

While the game is a CCG, this starter set is the only product available right now. The set is $30, and very much worth the price. There’s an expansion set of 32 unique cards being launched on Kickstarter on May 8th that will also include 2 legendary cards just for the campaign.

A review copy of Legend of Vyas was provided free for review by Vansh Games