CT FIGOriginz: The Superpowered Card Game is a game of super powered combat. Inside the box is 12 pre-constructed decks, each representing a different ability. Players can use these decks as is, or customize them to their own desires.

Game play is quick, and your deck represents both your abilities and your health. Play cards wisely to destroy your opponent, but make sure you don’t run out. Once you’re out of cards, that’s it for you. It’s an interesting mechanic trying to balance card use and your health.

619f73295f5410a4379217ce8a4b67f6_originalThe prototype looks excellent, and Flavor Faction (local to me in Simsbury, CT!) will be launching a Kickstarter for the game around October. I got a chance to play at CT FIG, and the gameplay is fast and brutal. I played the Super Speed deck, and I quickly got all my best cards out and forced my opponent to zero cards before they were able to do much. Card play and combos are super satisfying, and I can’t wait to have a change to dig further into the decks and some customization. Seeing as Flavor Faction is right around the corner for me, I’m hoping to get that opportunity sooner rather than later!