paxeast2Marketing as a Magic Lamp Game System, the Larklamp by Lumo Amuzo is a cool little contraption that looks like a lantern. When it’s lit up, and a game’s template are placed into its four sides, the Larklamp casts the game board on the table. Currently up in Kickstarter, Larklamp will come with one game, Snyxtrap, at launch.

It’s a novel idea, but it goes a bit further than that. While Snyxtrap is a light, family friendly game, it has some cool mechanics using the Larklamp. The board can be changed by moving the panels up and down giving the game a bit more depth than it may seem at first glance.

I was really impressed with what I saw.


The Kickstarter campaign is already funded, and you can make sure you get your Larklamp for a $49 pledge. This will also include a 5-year membership to the Lumo Amuzo Society, and annual almanac including new games for the Larklamp, in-depth stories on Lumo Amuzo art and design development, reports from expeditions into the Shadowy (don’t ask me what that means), and more. The Almanac will be delivered once a year on the Autumnal Equinox.