Syrinscape Mutants & Masterminds Space FightA new partnership between Syrinscape and Green Ronin is giving gamers Mutants & Masterminds soundsets for the former’s Syrinscape Sci-Fi app. These aren’t just fixed tracks meant to be played on loop. Syrinscape’s players (available for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS) enable gamers to make live adjustments to the balance and intensity of sound elements, as well as to combine elements from different sets to fit the unique environments of their games.

Two M&M sets, Space Fight and Freedom City 2525, are available immediately for $4 each. These’ll allow gamemasters to mix and program the sounds of freeze rays, droids, sirens, force fields, and more. Additional soundsets are planned for release every month. (A sci-fi subscription covering all of them costs $6.50 a month.)