Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.I first saw Oh My Gods! at CT FIG, where I had a chance to play the game with it’s designer, Tim Blank. Having just done an unboxing of the game, I figured it was time to write up my review.

Oh My Gods! is a game of deduction where you’re trying to figure out which god stole Zeus’s lightning bolt. At the start of the game one god is chosen blindly and hidden from all the players. Each turn you ask the player to your left if they have a specific god, or you can ask if any of the Gods have a specific trait or element. If they’ve got what you’re looking for, they show it to you. You can also play one of your god’s special powers instead of asking a question, though this reveals that god to the entire table.

SkyZeusPlay continues until someone has narrowed down their list to make a guess at who stole Zeus’s bolt. Here’s the catch. You guess wrong and you’re done. Out of the game. Don’t fret, though. Oh My Gods! plays quick, so waiting for the next game won’t take long.

My family and I really enjoyed this one. The rulebook is clear, the art was appealing to all of us, and the gameplay give us more than something like Guess Who, and isn’t a chore to setup and play like Clue. We’re actually heading out on vacation this week, and Oh My Gods! has been packed up to come with us to play on slow afternoons.

You can snag Oh My Gods! from Gameworthy Labs for $24.98.

A copy of Oh My Gods! was provided free for review by Gameworthy Labs.