Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesMore than 25,000 products are going for 25% off in DriveThruRPG’s Christmas in July Sale. Sister-site Wargame Vault has a similar Summer Campaign Sale with another 3,700 items also at 25% off.

This week’s Bundle of Holding deals feature the acclaimed but mature Lamentations of the Flame Princess (starting at $13) and Pellgrane Press’ DramaSytem-based Hillfolk (starting at $8).

Accessory retailer, Top Shelf Gamer, is going to give away $100 of goods when its Facebook page reaches 500 likes.

On the occasion of hitting 2,000 likes, is doing a Mega Colossal Giveaway—nine different games, dice, posters, and dice towers.

To clear out some of its older titles, Avalanche Press is offering ten of them at major discounts, some in excess of 50%. The Gold Club member discount of 20% can be had in addition.

Paizo’s web store, also hoping to clear out some old products from the company’s warehouse, has opened up a new Golem Clearance section, and it really does have some old stuff. I see there’s even a bunch of TSR books in there.


Amazon deals:

Spartan Games is running a miniatures painting contest with Halo game prizes in a variety of categories.

Deposits with Geek Chic by August 31st qualify for a free game accessory held snug with the company’s new silicone bands.

The Toys “R” Us Mega Webisale ends in a couple of hours but games in the Clearance Blast should persist a little longer.

Dog Might Games’ Dog Days of Summer Sale means 25% off everything, except Dragon Sheaths. On the other hand, the company is giving away three Dragon Sheaths, each filled with a set of metal dice from Easy Roller Dice.

There’s a Humble Book Bundle featuring puzzles, mazes, and games.

Flying Pig Games is selling Night of Man direct for 30% off.