Gen Con 2016 logoAnother card game demoed at the show and reminiscent of Liar’s Dice is Deadfall ($10, now) from Cheapass Games. This one can be played with a standard deck of the company’s Pairs cards but is also being sold in its own packaging with a special fantasy themed deck. A Pairs deck, for those unfamiliar, contains cards numbered 1-10, with one 1, two 2s, three 3s, and so on.

DeadfallDeadfall is played as a gambling game. Players ante a coin in to the pot and throw down one card to determine who goes first. Starting with the one who played the highest card, each in turn plays a single card that’s supposed to indicate a number which they believe still remains in someone’s hand. That is, unless it’s a bluff.

Alternatively, a player can challenge any other player’s last card in the round, at which point everyone reveals their remaining hands.

Between the challenger and the challenged, the person who’s correct wins the pot, as well as a penalty from the other equal to the challenged card number.