CT FIGYanaguana Games was showing off both Shipload o’Gold and Stir Fry Eighteen. I only had a chance to play the latter, and I’m really glad I did. It’s an eighteen card microgame where players are trying to cook up a high value stir fry each turn. Each dish must contain noodles to start. Ingredient cards can then be played to add value to the dish. Certain ingredients combine well with others for bonuses and protein cards are highly valued.

Players can also trade in two of an ingredient to draw different cards, or play a protein to draw the amount of cards listed on that type. The cool part here is that these cards are played face-down so players can try and bluff. Get called out and you discard all your cards and your turn ends. Don’t get caught? Awesome for you.

It’s a fairly straight forward game that plays very quickly. Players play until a certain point score is reached, usually 50. One of the best parts about this micro fry? It’s only $10.