forceofwillmagicstoneMagic Stone Lab contains 400 magic stone cards, comprised of 5 kinds, with 8 copies each from following sets:

  • The Dawn of Valhalla
  • The War of Valhalla
  • Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tale
  • The Castle of Heavens and The Two Towers
  • The Moon Priestess Returns
  • The Seven Kings of the Lands
  • The Twilight Wanderer
  • The Moonlit Savior
  • Battle for Attoractia
  • Curse of the Frozen Casket

Force of Will: Magic Stone Lab isn’t your average Force of Will release. Coming in November , it will only be available to brick-and-mortar retail stores. The box is meant to be purchased, and opened, by retailers who are then asked to sell the individual cards from the set. Not your typical method for retail release.