For over 6 years fans of Final Fantasy have been able to enjoy the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game (FF-TCG) in Japan. Now the game is finally coming to the US with its first set, Opus 1, a 186 card set featuring cards from the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Dissidia and World of Final Fantasy. The game will be released on October 28th in both the US and Europe in both Booster Packs and Starter Decks.

Booster Packs will contain 12 cards, one of which will be foil. There will be 3 Starter Decks: Final Fantasy VII (Fire & Earth), Final Fantasy X (Water & Wind), and Final Fantasy XIII (Lightning & Ice). Each of these will contain 50 cards, a playmat, and a set of rules. 30 of the cards contained within the Starter Decks are exclusive, and cannot be obtained in Booster Packs.

For more info, and for some great introductory videos, you can check out the FF-TCG website.

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