Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesUniversity Games is running a speed contest for Rubik’s Race, remote via recorded video. The contestant who submits the fastest game wins a prize package of Rubik’s stuff.

Buy something from Len Peralta’s web store or contribute to his Patreon campaign and he’ll enter you in to a drawing for a bunch of Munchkin games that he’s illustrated.

Paizo is selling some Titanic Games at steep discounts, including for example, Key Largo at 88% off. Indications are, though, that the sale may be just for today.

The prize for October in Game Salute’s monthly giveaway is  a copy of Black Orchestra. To enter, tell the company what historic event would make a good basis for a game. But beware, try to come up with something unique. Duplicated suggestions will be disqualified.

Tokens in Australia’s The Advertiser and Sunday Mail starting October 15th can be used to purchase mini versions of Hasbro board games, and a collector’s box, for $3.50 each.

Get free tombstone and coffin tokens with the purchase of Bring Out Yer Dead from Upper Deck.

Get a free Halloween Munchkin Monster Box with a purchase of $125 from Steve Jackson Games’ Warehouse 23.

EverythingBoardGames is giving away Clank! from Renegade Game Studios and three copies of Oh My Sheep! from Canvas Studio.

NSKN is giving away copies of Shadowscape, some to visitors at Essen and some to those at home.

Sign up for a Toys “R” Us credit card and get 15% off the first purchase and then 10% off in-store every Thursday.

Running at Bundle of Holding is a deal for Penumbra, the d20 fantasy setting from Atlas Games.