I’m a big fan of Guildball, though I know it can bit a bit tough to get into the game with all the products out there for the game. Steamforged has made it a whole lot easier now with their Kick-Off! 2-Player boxed set. Hitting shelves in November, it contains everything you need to get starting playing Guildball, and at a great price. For $70 you get:

  • Kick Off! Rulebook
  • Guild Ball Core Rulebook
  • Captain’s Handbook
  • 3’x3′ Double-Sided Board of the Guild Ball Pitch
  • 12 Pre-Assembled Colored Plastic Models
  • Player Character Cards
  • 128 Game Tokens
  • Measuring Tools and Templates
  • Guild Ball Dice

You’ll be getting the Brewers and Masons in this pack, two teams I haven’t had the opportunity to give a shot yet.

This looks like it’ll be the best, and most inexpensive, ways to get involved with a really fantastic game.