When it comes to RPGs 7th Sea certainly feels the most dramatic. Set in an Age of Sail, this book is chock full of open waters, pirates, swashbuckling, sorcery, and romance. In fact, there’s only a handful of fairly simple mechanics to worry about while the rest of the Core Rulebook is oozing with flavor.

This book is also fairly sizeable, so you’re getting a lot of drama and flavor. Beautifully illustrated and laid out, the 7th Sea Core Rulebook was a joy to read. I cant say that about every RPG rulebook I’ve read. I’ve actually had this book for quite some time but it took me a while to go through it due to the size and the fact that there’s just a ton of worldbuilding to adsorb. This is by no means A Bad Thing™!

Did I mention our fellow Pawn, Thomas Deeny, did the layout for this book? He did. I’ve seen his angry cursing at InDesign on twitter.

I’d never heard of 7th Sea before, but just the premise intrigue and political conspiracies set in an open-water, mythical version of Europe was just too good to pass up. I’m sure if I had known about the game earlier it would have been one of my RPGs of choice. That being said, I look forward to finally sitting down and getting a chance to play this one in the near future.

7th Sea certainly dishes up a refreshing theme with mechanics for both actions and sorcery that don’t get in the way off all the mystery and excitement of the story.

A copy of 7th Sea was provided free for review by John Wick Presents.