Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.According to the website, Dog Might makes Kick Ass Gaming Gear, and that’s pretty much accurate. They make wood things: dice trays and towers, carrying cases for miniatures and dice, deck boxes, and more. Almost everything comes with options for sculpted wood decoration with other products having options for brass or aluminum symbols attached to the wood.

The Dragon Sheath is a wooden box about 8 1/2″ long by 2 1/4″ wide and 2″ tall. These cases are small enough for a personal collection of dice, a miniature or two, stacks for coins, and/or a pen, pencil, or marker, depending on the interior layout. Fourteen interior options are available: this one has a honeycombed interior for a standard set of seven polyhedral dice and a foam-protected miniature holder. Options include sets with a storage area large enough for two dozen dice, a set with two miniatures and one set of polyhedral dice, and a set with dedicated space for seven dice and a pen.

There are over sixty exterior sculpt options, along with “none” for a flat side. Ours had the Hammers sculpt on one side and the Ancient sculpt on the other. The exterior is coated in a double or triple layer of varnish for protection.

While the Dragon Sheath is light, it feels durable. The varnished hardwood resists basic nicks and scratches. When placed on the Hammers side down, the sheath sits flat; when sitting on the Ancient side, it wobbles a bit. That particular design has curved raised elements which causes the slight wobble. These are all custom-made and some sculpts seem to have flatter or more uniform elements such as the Police Box, Arcane Circle, and Flail, which can be used as a more solid base. If there is just one design you really want for the top, the bottom can always be ordered as a blank solid piece. The two halves of the sheath have rare earth neodymium magnets in the corners, holding the sheath rather firmly closed.

Ours was a Premium Dragon Sheath, meaning two types of wood were used, cherry with bubinga. Solid white ash wood sheaths are $69.95, with four stain options. Solid flame birch sheaths with colorful stains (seven options) are $84.95. Premium wood options with a complimentary band (walnut, cherry, leopardwood, benge, are among the eight combinations) are $99.95. The Mythic line features three hardwood combinations made of rarer woods (chechen/wenge, wenge/African mahogany, and Bolivian rosewood/wenge) for $139.95. If you like the colored wood stains, I’d look at the $84.95 range. If you love the look of natural wood, the chechen/wenge combination from the Mythic line would be my top pick.

A Premium Dragon Sheath was provided free for review by Dog Might.